Fat Tire Flyer II

by Dave Wootten - 2/20/96

Well alot is happening this season, Trials at all Norba Nationals, EFTA, NEPS, CORPS, Cali states etc....... What if we took a dash here and a pinch there and came under one roof. In other words NATU (North American Trials Union). Its in the works, JP Sickler and I have been planning for over a year. We would like your opinions/suggestions. We are not looking to replace anyone, but rather intend to organize things so Trials is not looked on as a few circus rejects on bikes. For those of you who don't know JP puts on the California States, among others, and I put on the Extreme Games, New York states, and was elected by my peers to represent them to NORBA. Some of the things we would like to do and are presently working on are Indoor Championship Series, US Bike Trial International Union World round in 1997. Mail me and let me know what your thoughts are on this.

European News;

The use of pedals, bash guard, or rockring to aid you will count as a dab in both the Stock and Modified classes. Don't be all afraid, I am not intending to ad this rule to the US yet.

Fat tire goes flop!!!!

The new fat tire being imported is tossed to the wayside due to excessive weight.(around 6lbs)

Megamo!! Another Spanish Trials bike lands in the US mudd.

Megamo bicycles of Spain a sister company of GasGas motorcycles is finally in country.

The 20PRO is a Cromoly modified bike.

Frame; Tange Ultimate Superlight
Fork; Tange Cromo
Rims/Tires; Monty, 20x2" 19x2.5"
Cranks; Front freewheel 18x13
Brakes; Magura of course
additional features; Kevlar/alloy skid plate, uni style seat, monty fat h-bar, red anodized componants weight 22 lbs

The 26PRO is a Cromoly stock bike.

Frame; Tange Ultimate Superlight
Fork; Tange Cromo
Rims/Tires; 26x1.9 / 26x2.1 rear
Cranks; Front freewheel 18t with a small rock ring
Brakes; Magura of course
Derailleur; Shimano short cage
additional features; uni style seat, monty fat h-bar, red anodized componants weight ?? lbs

Check these bikes out at the Farm show. Or mail or call me.

Couch Potatoes!!

Jason "Insane" Mclean 1994 National # 3 has a video out, very low key, but profesional editing, and funky music. for more info call Jason at 304-296-816.

Libor Karas World Tour "The Bouncing Czech" Video update. Still in editing, has some vintage Libor video, touring coverage, Moab, Mexico, Prague etc.. look for it sometime in March.

NORBA Lackie;

Doug White of Georgia has accepted the job as Trials Master at the Nationals, I had to turn it down due to my commitments with Magura. Please show your support, and smack him on the back(of his head) and say good job!!!


Harrisburg Motorama Indoor Trials. Feb. 24th, 1:00pm
call 717-458-6760 Ed
Toronto International Bicycle Expo. March 1-3 Trials all 3 days
call 519-759-5064 Joe

Wear your protection;

Underground will be the US distributer of A-Mazing Toys chainring protectors. Cool shape, cool graphics light weight. Hans approached me about importing, telling me this is the best he has seen, and Hans has tried alot. I'll keep you posted.

New GT bikes.

Hans showed up here with new bikes. He was sporting a new production Modified bike. Sweet Blue anodized frame, reworked fork(less likely to flip over the bars) new GT cranks(different than the profiles on the last batch). I had the bike at my house for a while and did some measuring and dialed in his brakes, feels alot better than last years. Also Hans had a new stock ride, a 12.5" Zaskar. Super cool looking geometry with a bent top tube. Feels small but comfortable Hans likes it alot, but is not sure if he will go back to the 14.5. The 12.5 Zaskar and the modified team Trials are now available, contact your local dealer.

Wet Frogs!!!

Magura's new wet weather brake pads are now available, and are called the Green frog pads. Cost is 21.00 per wheel and I think this may be the new Trials pad.


Superman Dave Volker (GT Bicycles) and I discussed Magura brakes while playing fooseball, and he was to keen on using them, untill I let him try the new red pad which has more modulation, and informed him Marc Brooks was working on a Gyro for Hydraulics, well now he won't stop talking about it. Soon our Ramp brothers may be styling with real brakes.

How do Ducks make Butter???

Duck Butter Red has turned out to be a looser. It was said that this worked in water..... not so.... It does last longer than tar and works as well, but you have to clean your rim before each application, and let it dry over night. Stick to tar, I give it away, and works great.

Well thats the news for now. See you at the Indoor, and at Toronto, Libor will be at both, so be there!!!

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